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PROHIBITION 2.0 …………..I sure wish the masses would wake up to the fact that what has gone down in Colorado, and every state that has claimed to “legalize” cannabis in some way since, is the antithesis of rightfully restoring this plant to the people. We are witnessing Prohibition 2.0 being enacted thru hyper-regulation; State by State. It’s the government hijacking of a racket, the government created. Sadly, the people are cheering it. Every new legal “marijuana” program we have today, has government deciding who gets to benefit and profit from this non-toxic plant, and who does not, for a non-refundable application fee, of course. Is this freedom?! Is this liberty?! When do we stand up?! Our forefathers only tolerated alcohol prohibition for a decade, and alcohol is bleepin’ toxic, unlike cannabis! Do we allow the government to dictate how many grapes or tomatoes we grow? Why are we allowing government to hyper-regulate cannabis?! Because they can? Why can they? From where does their authority derive? Government has no valid reason, or just authority to restrict this non-toxic, most useful (and therefore profitable) plant from ANYONE. ALL of government’s authority is said to be derived from the people (except for all those congressional seats that were bought by corporate interests, but I digress.) The citizenry seems to not grasp the concept of liberty, and much of the citizenry’s perception of life itself has proven tainted (abortion). I will do my best to peacefully co-habitate in such a society, but I will refrain from assimilating any further…….what I’ve encountered within government is, frankly, uncivilized, and certain policies the government has adopted are a crime against humanity. I recuse myself from such.

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Big Pharma, bureaucrats, and stupid people remain the only true “winners” Continue reading

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The Federal Cannabis Racket Exposed

Their (the federal government’s) gig is up. Their racketeering has been exposed.
They (the federal gov’t) understand they must do SOMETHING – that is why we see this flurry of legislative activity in every state of the union. Continue reading

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Cannabis – God’s Gift to Humanity

Cannabis is not evil. Cannabis is a miraculous, non-toxic plant that many Christians have been mislead to fear and even hate. The love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). It is that “love of money” … Continue reading

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Federal Emergency Powers

Emergency Powers Statutes (Senate Report 93-549) This 1973 Senate Report admits the Emergency Powers given to the US President under the guise of the National Emergency Act of 1933 which has remained in force, suspending the normal function of the … Continue reading

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racist? I’m a euro-mutt. Call me “Cracker”, “Honkey”, or “Whitey” and it’s socially acceptable. …But if I called you “Kike”, “nigga”, “rag head”,”Towelhead”, “WOP”, “Camel Jockey”, “Gook”, “sand nigga”, “slant eyes” or “chink” you’d call me a racist. There is … Continue reading

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Executive Order…

Executive Orders that Attacked and Destroyed US Constitution  (this was compiled in fall 2008 – the updates since then will make your jaw drop, if these don’t.) Executive Order 10990 – gives gov’t authority to take control over all transportation modes, highways and seaports.Executive … Continue reading

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