The Federal Cannabis Racket Exposed

The federal gov’t is in a real pickle with regard to cannabis.
They are rightfully perplexed at how to proceed in bowing out of their profiteering-racket that has been in place since 1970 (Controlled Substances Act) which deemed that cannabis has absolutely NO accepted medical use (a proven lie), is highly addictive (a proven lie), and highly prone to abuse (a proven lie.)
The facts are:
1.) the US gov’t holds the very patent for medicinal use of cannabis,
2.) the US gov’t has been supplying medicinal cannabis to select patients since 1975,
3.) there are voluminous scientific studies, and personal physical testimonies, verifying and confirming the incredible medicinal value of cannabis.
4.) voluminous scientific studies undertaken to prove the toxicity of cannabis, confirm the lack of toxicity of this miraculous plant.
5.) not a single study has proven cannabis to be toxic (which cannot be said for virtually any other plant sold in any market, or grown on this planet!)
6.) Cannabis, if nothing else, is a super-food, with no threat of toxicity (unlike carrots or spinach) – so WHY this nourishing plant is being kept from we-the-people needs to be seriously questioned!
Truly, their gig is up.
The longer the federal government continues this racket, fueling the prison-industrial-complex and keeping this non-toxic, non-addictive, food/medicine from people in need of it, many of whom will die (or have died), the greater the onslaught will be of lawsuits filed against them (the federal government.)

Who is responsible for the federal government’s obligations?  The United States taxpayers.

When they (the feds) inevitably reschedule/deschedule cannabis, it will shake their (the federal government’s) very foundation, as well as their credibility. Think of how many lives have been needlessly lost, for lack of access to this non-toxic medicinal plant!  Think of many lives have been destroyed, from being imprisoned, and/or financially extorted for mere possession of this non-toxic, nutritious plant!
That, is the crux of where we are at, in a nutshell.

But reschedule/deschedule they must……..
It’s almost like the heroin addict, who knows they have to quit, but they just can’t quite come out publicly to admit their misdeeds, and addiction (in the US gov’ts case, it is to the addiction to $$$$$$$$$.)
If it were just average citizens caught participating in such a racket this extensive, and for so many years, our hind ends would be behind bars within minutes.  But we are talking about the federal government here, and THEIR participation in racketeering.
The federal government can’t just change cannabis to be a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance; though they’d love to do that if they could. The problem is, just like cannabis doesn’t fit Schedule 1 criterion, it doesn’t fit Schedule 2, or any other.
CANNABIS IS BLEEPIN’ NON-TOXIC!!  It can’t fit into ANY Controlled Substance categorization because it doesn’t meet any criterion for ANY category. It is nutritious food, and it is non-toxic.  Despite all their attempts to document how bad cannabis is, every attempt has failed.

It is not at all physically addictive; any psychological addictiveness is nominal at best. PLUS, its medical applications are impossible to deny from thousands of scientific controlled studies – the US gov’t holding patents for medicinal uses of cannabis, as well as the US gov’t supplying medicinal cannabis to select patients since 1975.
Their (the federal government’s) gig is up. Their racketeering has been exposed.
They (the federal gov’t) understand they must do SOMETHING – that is why we see this flurry of legislative activity in every state of the union. They are scrambling to keep the genie in the bottle, and more importantly, the vast profits from this incredible plant that has been unjustly and fraudulently kept from we-the-people.
Do not settle for ANY “medical only” compromise!!
To do so is merely sanctioning prohibition, justifying and perpetuating the racket!
There is no category of Controlled Substance scheduling that cannabis fits into because it is UTTERLY NON-TOXIC, and a nutritious food the human body benefits from.  There is no valid reason it should be a Controlled Substance, period. Don’t give up now, and compromise our rights to this miraculous non-toxic plant!
We-the-people can benefit and FLOURISH with this plant being restored to us!!!!
Don’t cop out now and concede to limited “medical only” proposals, begging the government for a morsel, like a beggar bowing for a penny.
It is time we take this plant back!
It has really only been 45 years since it was federally banned, prior to that, cannabis and its hemp were simply part of life.  Prohibition was enacted for the purpose of certain entities’profits.  Those entities include, but are not limited to – Big Pharma, Big Oil, Cotton & Paper industries

There is absolutely no valid reason cannabis  should be a controlled substance;

Join the Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act, and restore this miraculous plant to we-the-people!

About lkempen

Not one to be easily categorized, I'm here to try to spread the truth in a world where evil is now deemed to be good, and good is deemed evil. I am a Christian, wife, mother, and patriot. It has been said that the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, so rather than "sitting and taking it," I am "standing up" to spread the truth. My Christian beliefs are Biblical, not denominational. I'm married to an absolutely amazing man, who happens to be a severely disabled US Army veteran, and is the love of my life. My children, are a joy, and great blessing; never ceasing to amaze me with their wit, intellect, and talents. As a patriot, I am exceedingly disheartened to witness what has happened to this great nation that our founding fathers worked so hard to protect from the ever impending threat of tyranny. While all that is happening is Biblically prophetic, we are not called to passively watch evil increase its hold; but instead to spread the truth, which is good news. So I am writing this blog to do just that, stand up for truth. Please join me, in the fight for truth, and freedom.
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3 Responses to The Federal Cannabis Racket Exposed

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  2. Im loving your blog. you have an interesting point of view that feels very close to my own. i completely agree with you that marajuana should be legalized. I found your blog because i was searching the jesus cannibus connection, the article about the exodus exerpt that has the annointing oil recepie. fascinating.

  3. I believe exactly like you do ( writer ) of this information on Cannabis! Alcohol vs Cannabis has been literally proven to me personally! Most all of my friends who consumed alcohol and drove a car were killed tragically & the other people they hit were, too! I been to parties where both were present, & only the drinkers were always the trouble makers! Foul mouthed and ready to fight over a hi how are you??? I strongly believe in Cannabis & I am going to be 70 years old! I hope I live long enough to see a big change in the Cannabis laws for the good of all of our country!

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