2012 Presidential election, sad Recommendation

I don’t have to have a degree in finance (which I do) to know that political policy (for the last few administrations, minimally) have defied the best interest of this nation economically.
Personally, I know numerous small business owners who have closed up shop in the last several years, as national policies are making it absolutely cost-prohibitive to have employees. Those same jobs are readily absorbed by the global market, thanks to the “Free Trade Agreements” that are ANYTHING but free, at least to this nation. Our own national policies are making it cost-prohibitive for the private sector to be competitive in any type of manufacturing – period.
The goal of most political policy (and this is via both Republican and Democratic administrations) passed with bi-partisan approval, has been to the detriment, and sincerely I suggest, with the goal of the collapse of our own national economy.
Romney is blabbing about the failures of the last 3-1/2 years, yet his plan (in print, not per his lips) has no intention of balancing the budget for another 27 years. Obama’s plan is virtually identical. Economic collapse appears to be the goal – and the Republicrats are united in this.
I’m so tired of those who have been hoodwinked into believing there is any significant difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Any meaningful difference is merely cosmetic. Their core policies are positively the same. The biggest difference is which one’s buddies will get the cushy (to the detriment of the US citizen) contracts!

So what is a concerned citizen to do?
My suggestion – vote for a valid write-in candidate. But, NOTE it MUST be someone pre-registered as a write in candidate. In that manner, your “vote of protest” will be counted. Voting for Mickey Mouse, or Ron Paul (depending on your state) WILL NOT COUNT. You won’t be any hero by voting for either, if they are not registered in your state – you might as well take your ballot home with you, because IT WON’T BE COUNTED. The whole idea of a “protest vote” is to have it be counted.
Furthermore, you should understand, even if a 3rd Party candidate MIRACULOULY won the election, if they did not obtain a majority (over 50%), the House of Representatives would then elect the next President from the top 3 vote-getting candidates (the Senate electing the VP in similar fashion.) It sounds crazy, but that is what the US Constitution declares.
The voting equipment has been proven to be readily and easily hacked – the tabulators contaminating the vote count data base. While 98% of poll workers are ethical, it just takes one messed-with tabulator to spoil an entire data base.
So, in conclusion, I suggest, the most productive “protest vote” is to write-in a VALID (pre-registered) write-in candidate for the office of the Presidency. If nothing else, it will be cause to physically examine the ballots, and somewhat compare the tallies with the tabulation reports.

That’s my solemn, and sad, recommendation for this Presidential election.


About lkempen

Not one to be easily categorized, I'm here to try to spread the truth in a world where evil is now deemed to be good, and good is deemed evil. I am a Christian, wife, mother, and patriot. It has been said that the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, so rather than "sitting and taking it," I am "standing up" to spread the truth. My Christian beliefs are Biblical, not denominational. I'm married to an absolutely amazing man, who happens to be a severely disabled US Army veteran, and is the love of my life. My children, are a joy, and great blessing; never ceasing to amaze me with their wit, intellect, and talents. As a patriot, I am exceedingly disheartened to witness what has happened to this great nation that our founding fathers worked so hard to protect from the ever impending threat of tyranny. While all that is happening is Biblically prophetic, we are not called to passively watch evil increase its hold; but instead to spread the truth, which is good news. So I am writing this blog to do just that, stand up for truth. Please join me, in the fight for truth, and freedom.
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